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In the hustle of daily office life, where deadlines loom and meetings stack, practitioners and professionals often fall into patterns of solitary pursuit. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Reflecting on my own journey through various work environments, I recall how easy it was to be ensconced in my bubble, my focus laser-sharp on my own objectives. However, one small but mighty tool—the ‘What Went Well’ board—revolutionised how we interacted.

Crafting Community with Celebratory Sharing

This simple corkboard, hung in the common area, became our canvas for collective celebration. Each of us, no matter our field or focus, would pin a note about a positive moment or success from our day. For some, it was a client breakthrough. For others, a newfound efficiency. Whatever the win, it was worthy of the board.

The Ripple Effect of Recognition

The beauty of this board was not just in the act of sharing triumphs but also in how it fostered a culture of acknowledgment and appreciation. “Hey, I saw your note about the workshop—congratulations!” became music in our space, replacing the mechanical keyboard clicks and phone calls that often scored our days. It wasn’t just about individual wins; it was about us, collectively lifting and leaning into each other’s victories.

From Transactions to Trust

What began as a conversation starter evolved into a trust accelerator. When we saw the breadth of accomplishments our peers were achieving, respect grew. Referring a client or collaborating on a project felt less like a transaction and more like an extension of this established mutual admiration.

The Board as a Beacon

The ‘What Went Well’ board transcended its physical form to become a beacon of office culture. It reminded us that, despite diverse roles and responsibilities, we shared common ground. The board was a visual testament to the vibrancy and variety of our collective skills and efforts.

The Intentional Art of Connection

In every workplace, whether a clinic or a corporate office, the art of fostering high-quality connections is an intentional practice. The ‘What Went Well’ board was just one of many ways to bridge the gaps between us. It’s about creating spaces and rituals that encourage us to look up from our work, to engage, and to recognise that each of us contributes to a larger picture.

So, I invite you to consider: How can you turn your workplace into a tapestry of shared successes? Remember, it starts with a single pin on the board.

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