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Client Testimonials

I love empowering people on their journey to becoming.  Meet some of the inspirational people of impact who I have worked with along the way.


Ada Jonuse

Coaching Client

Serial Web3 Entrepreneur Pioneer
DAO Contributor ·
Women Empowerment Agent ·
Consciousness Explorer

"...a transformational experience"

The work with Justine has completely changed the way I see myself and my career. It was a transformational experience for all fields of life, actually. If you are looking for someone who can unlock your true purpose and potential, Justine is your champion. Justine’s methodology, thoughtful insights, guidance, and multiple exercises will help you to discover who you really are and what you really need. It’s a challenging and very rewarding journey at the same time.


Dr Kristie Craigen

Coaching Client

Craigen Assessment Services
Hong Kong

"She wasted no time, quickly turning my confusion into strategic action. "

It’s no secret that running your own business presents you with countless challenges as you are constantly forced to “wear many hats” and are pushed beyond your area of expertise. As my little business grew, I knew I needed to take things to “the next level” yet didn’t have a clue where to start or the skillset to make it happen. Justine is a mastermind when it comes to formulating a strong brand identity and a clear business vision. She wasted no time, quickly turning my confusion into strategic action. 
Exploring your own values and those you wish to represent your business brand is a very personal journey and it was comforting to have someone so knowledgeable, insightful, and empathetic along for the ride as my growth and accountability partner.
I am one of those people that appreciates a “kick in the butt” in the coaching context and as my Coach, Justine does it in in such a wonderfully gift wrapped way, right when I seem to need it most.


Annelise McCarthy

Coaching Client

Director of Her Speaking Coach · Sydney 

"Her unwavering commitment to my success is truly remarkable."

Justine Campbell is more than just an exceptional coach – she’s made a profound impact on my life and quickly became someone very special to me. Her energy, passion, and dedication to helping others were apparent from the start. Justine has this incredible ability to connect with people on a deep and meaningful level. She’s helped me to identify and embrace my true self and given me the tools to live a fulfilled and authentic life.

What I love most about Justine is her fierce, loyal support of all women who want to live a life true to their passions and gifts. She creates a community of support and empowerment, bringing like-minded women together in a safe and supportive space to share their stories and support each other. Justine not only supports and encourages me, but she also challenges me. Her unwavering commitment to my success is truly remarkable.

In addition to being an exceptional coach and mentor, Justine is also a dear friend, and I cherish our friendship deeply. I’m so grateful to have her in my life, and I know anyone who works with her will feel the same way. If you’re looking for a coach who will challenge you, support you, and help you connect to who you truly are to your core, look no further than Justine Campbell. Thank you, Justine, for everything you do!


Christina Li

Coaching Client

Singer · Songwriter · Producer: Christina Li Music
Hong Kong ·  Boston · New York

"...I have self-awareness and a good understanding of achieving a goal"

What Justine taught me has extended beyond music and performing. I’ve learned to embrace the beauty of ‘the process’: to embrace imperfections at every stage, and to value the means and not purely the end. While I’m still not perfect and as expected, can still struggle with insecurities and lapses of judgment, I know that with Justine’s coaching, combined with her steadfast support even miles away, I have self-awareness and a good understanding of achieving a goal.


Andreas Dannenberg

Coaching Client

Owner, President & CEO: ad-comm Group
Tokyo · Berlin

"...a one in a million"

Justine is a ‘one in a million’ unique individual with big picture thinking yet incredible eye for detail…. She is a truly global citizen and a passionate Japan aficionado. Her exceptional people skills driven by positive energy and an ability to bring people and things together to create something outstanding is truly incredible. All combined with a no nonsense, common sense approach to get things done put her in a league of her own… And indeed, she did not pay me for this endorsement, as it is totally deserved !!!


Fei Porter

Coaching Client

Senior Executive Director – Oliver Wyman
Ex-CFO · Investment Banker
Hong Kong · USA · London · Australia

"Working through her exercises has given me priceless tools..."

Justine is someone I connected with instantly. That is rare. She sees it, and she calls it out. No BS. Working through her exercises has given me priceless tools to embrace each day as it comes. I am grateful for her positive energy, kindness and brutal honesty. To be successful you need to be held accountable. Justine is the perfect partner to help you achieve your best and realise your full potential. As a coach, she “gets me” – my strengths, my international career successes transitioning from investment banker to CFO, also my struggles as a mum.  Justine gets the challenges of repatriation to my “home country” and brand new city after more than two decades away living and working abroad.


Lisa Fox

Coaching Client

Head of Private Growth Capital – WH Ireland Capital Markets
London · Hong Kong ·Tokyo

"She both instills confidence and invites you to ask yourself the right (tough) questions."

I worked with Justine at a pivotal point in my career, when moving from a Deputy role to a Global Head role in a finance firm, leading teams of over 150 staff from US to Australia. She is invaluable for women in leadership roles, combining tremendous supportiveness with good sense, good advice and challenge. She both instills confidence and invites you to ask yourself the right (tough) questions. I have successfully recommended Justine to senior women looking to take C-suite roles as she is one of the very few people I have met who combines a deep understanding of the individual with a knowledge of what’s needed in the highly competitive world of business.


Kirsty Slemint

Coaching Client

Writer · Director · Science Communicator
London · Australia 

"... it empowers and excite me."

The decision to work with Justine was an easy one, but I couldn’t have imagined the depth of its impact. In the past, conventional therapies had reached an upper limit of progress where I felt I was facing fires, rather than their source. My work with Justine is challenging, sure, but more than that – it empowers and excites me.  Justine has given me nothing but generous support, kindness, curiosity, and empathy. She will always meet me where I’m at, and invests in me just as much as (if not, more than) I invest in her. We are on this journey together, and I couldn’t ask for a better mentor.


Rev. Heather Cetrangolo

Coaching Client

Renewal educator ·  Anglican priest · Franciscan pedagogy scholar

"Justine more than delivered on every level..."

I started working with Justine because I was in a career transition and wanting to pursue a big, daring dream. I knew I needed a business coach who could see me, stretch me and resource me to go where I hadn’t gone before. Justine more than delivered on every level, drawing from her expertise as a therapist and coach, as well as her experience in corporate industries and ability to network globally. She is a rare find.


Simon Caskey

Coaching Client

Business Manager · Melbourne

"I feel more fully realised than ever. "

My work with Justine has awakened me to my potential through a deeper understanding of me – who I’ve been, who I am and who I want to be. I feel more fully realised than ever.  The work is tough, uncomfortable and confronting. The results are liberating, powerful and joyous. Justine’s hand is firm but encouraging – “you’ve got this!”. I feel as though I’m her most important client and my success – making positive changes through an understanding of what makes me tick – feels like it’s also Justine’s success. She’s a great person to have in your supporters’ seats.
Justine’s support and encouragement is always about real world stuff, where challenges and disappointments are inevitable – life is tough. An important aspect of her teachings is providing the tools to be able to support and encourage myself so I can continue our work every day in honour of myself and our work together.


Justine is a mastermind when it comes to formulating a strong brand identity and a clear business vision.

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What I love most about Justine is her fierce, loyal support of all women who want to live a life true to their passions and gifts.

I’ll help you navigate the path to success with compassionate expertise and unwavering commitment.

I invite you to a complimentary consultation to hear about why you’re considering coaching and talk about what you’d love to achieve if we were to work together.

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