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This is my story.

Starring roadblocks, curveballs and a determination to find my purpose and passion

Hi there!

I'm Justine.

It’s my mission to empower, encourage and challenge high-achieving women to connect to who they are at their core, to live a life of impact true to their passions and strengths.  

My focus is on supporting my clients to reignite the light that is within them so that they can shine in the world as their unapologetic authentic selves.

It’s not my MBA or post-graduate qualifications in Counselling, Positive Psychology and Systemic Therapy that are going to help me do that for you, though.  It’s the fact that I have been where you are and I get it.  

Growth is not easy, but having a trusted confidante and guide to walk alongside you can make all the difference.

I see you. I've been you. I get it.

But I’ve also done the deep work of rumbling with my own uncomfortable narratives around shame, vulnerability and fear, and worked my way back to becoming me and who I am at my core; my most true, authentic self. 

Becoming yourself is easier said than done, though.

Many of us don’t even realise that we’ve un-become ourselves. We’ve just changed who we are over time to fit in with what society deems necessary in order to be likeable, lovable, respectable. 

I want to support women on their journey to becoming, which is at the heart of true belonging.

As an Empowerment Coach, I’ll support you to create a large impact in a small space. I’ll give you the tools and help you develop the skills to make a difference in your world.

From struggling to a place of strength, I’ll empower you to embrace grit and grace to overcome life’s challenges and become YOU.

Be curious. Be courageous.

Be You

My Journey

to me

Justine Campbell, empowerment coach, holding a suitcase when she was still a child

Until we own our stories, they will define us.

As a little girl, I told myself I had to do things perfectly to keep myself safe. This ‘be perfect’ story followed me through senior marketing positions across eight countries. Keeping up the facade of perfection nearly killed me—literally—until I learned perfectionism is rooted in shame.

Understanding what drove my story and how to change the narrative led me to a place where I now live wholeheartedly with authenticity, purpose and passion.

This is why I’m a straight talking solutions-focused coach who supports my clients to understand and befriend their stories. From there they can stop hustling for their worthiness and find acceptance within themselves. Our stories matter because we matter.

The Broken Bride

Only months after my marriage, my relationship broke down. It was a wake-up call to do the work to heal myself. I came to understand that life is unpredictable and we need to look at the story behind the story. Change is inevitable but growth is a choice.

That people or things don’t make you happy—that has to come from within.

That relationships are complex but the common denominator is you, which is why you need to focus on your relationship with yourself first.

Just because a relationship does not work out the way that you thought it would, does not mean that your relationship with yourself cannot be healed.

Do the work – you are worth it.

The Poisonous Mom

My introduction to motherhood was tough. The stress of juggling motherhood, a sick baby and work saw my weight plummet to below 50kgs. Perfectionism was back in the driver’s seat.

I learned transitions—graduation, marriage, childbirth, divorce, career change—are opportunities for growth and clarity on who we are at our core.

How we live is how we love, parent, lead and learn.

Our stories do not need to define who we are. We are the authors of our lives and we decide how we want to live our lives.

The Courageous Woman

As much as I saw vulnerability as courage in others, I saw it as weakness in myself. The crunch came when I jumped off a haystack for a photo and smashed my foot to pieces. Cue multiple surgeries and chronic ongoing pain. Was I going to be a victim or a warrior?

It was time for me to stare down my perfectionism and get into the driver’s seat of my life. Boom.

By understanding the root of the issue I was able to change my path.

My studies in Positive Psychology were the catalyst for positive change and the subject of my TedX Hong Kong talk. Your life, your choices. Make them count.

The Anti-Therapist

After 25 years as an ex-pat, I returned to Australia with my children. Then Covid’s closed borders happened. It was the catalyst for me to be still, take stock and synthesize everything I had learned about my own story.

I re-assessed the work I was doing as a therapist and owned the fact that it was no longer working under the current circumstances. I felt constrained within the system and wanted the freedom to be able to tap into whatever tools were necessary.

So I went about redefining therapy to meet the unique needs of my clients.

If the box no longer fits you, then change the box or find a different box.

Becoming Me

I have come to realise that every twist and turn in my story has lead me to where I am now. I am doing work as a Coach that aligns with my values of authenticity, ethical practice and a (healthy) pursuit of excellence. I am showing up as my unapologetic self to live wholeheartedly in all domains of my life.

My clients know you can’t have a rainbow without a bit of rain, so they choose courage over comfort by working with me so they can have lasting positive results..

I bring real people together to create real connections. Whilst our journey is ours alone, we cannot do it alone, so I am on a mission to create positive connections based on authenticity, collaboration and a shared belief that people matter. Period.

Bottom line is that my clients want to make the most of their lives, valuing genuine connection and unapologetic authenticity because they know that true belonging comes from within. Like attracts like.

A painting of Justine Campbell



The distance between reality and your dreams is called action.

My coaching is focused on creating actionable steps to move you from your head to your heart and back to becoming you.

Receive insights and ideas to help you on your journey to becoming you.

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I look forward to connecting with you and will be in touch with you soon.

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