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Trust, that invisible yet essential element of connection, becomes a casualty when betrayal occurs in friendships. It’s an experience I’ve encountered—where the sting of disappointment makes the prospect of new connections daunting. Yet, despite the burn, I’ve found solace and strength in the journey back to trust.

In my own experiences, and through the stories I’ve heard as a therapist and coach, I’ve learned that trust issues can often stem from deep psychological roots. It’s not merely a reluctance to open up; it’s a protective response woven into our very being.

Recognizing and Rebuilding Trust

The first step on the road to rebuilding trust is recognition. I’ve found it necessary to acknowledge the hurt without letting it define my future relationships. Vulnerability, as I’ve learned through the work of Brené Brown, is not weakness—it’s a testament to our strength and capacity to move forward.

From Lessons to New Beginnings

Reflection is a powerful teacher. I’ve taken my past betrayals, not as reasons to build walls, but as guidance for setting healthy boundaries—portals that allow new, worthy individuals in. Like Tony Robbins underscores, our happiness and sense of security in relationships begin with defining our own spaces and limits.

Therapeutic Pathways

Engaging in therapy can be likened to tending a garden, ensuring the soil of our wellbeing is fertile for new growth. Therapy has been both my profession and personal sanctuary, helping to understand the patterns of past hurts and cultivating the ground for future trust.

Small Steps to Big Trust

I advocate for taking small, considered steps towards trusting again. Joining groups with shared interests or values creates a safe space for trust to seed and sprout. Within these communities, like The Lotus Collective, trust can be fostered collectively, making the process feel less daunting and more supportive.

Communicating New Boundaries

Open communication is key. Being clear about expectations and comfort zones from the get-go establishes a straightforward dynamic from which trust can grow.

The Gift of Forgiveness

Part of my personal healing has involved forgiveness. It’s a release, a way to lighten the load to make room for new experiences and relationships.

Extending Trust Once More

And finally, to cultivate trust in others, I’ve learned that I must be willing to extend it myself. It’s a reciprocal dynamic, beautifully put by Stephen M.R. Covey: “Trust is the glue of life… the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”

The journey back to trust is not a quick fix; it’s a deliberate process that, like any meaningful progress, takes time. Each step forward is a testament to our ability to learn from our past and embrace the potential of our future connections. In sharing this journey with you, I hope to not just walk towards trust but to illuminate the path for us all.


#TheLotusCollective – an intentional community built on the pillars of BRAVING Trust to bring together woman of impact globally to lean into real conversations, real growth, real connections.  It stands as a beacon, signalling a shift towards a world where trust is the norm, not the exception. Imagine societies, workplaces, governments, and institutions built on such a foundation. Our collective effort is more than just a gathering; it’s a movement, a call to arms for every woman who dares to dream of a world that holds trust at its core.  

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