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The pandemic was a wake-up call for many of us, including myself. I had lost clarity and needed to get back to my core to find it. This was critical as I couldn’t truly support my clients in positive change, if I wasn’t able to say I had done it for myself.  My energy was dwindling and I could see the same in my clients.  I needed to re-energise and put systems in place to ensure that I continued to stay focused on my priorities.

It was just over 4 years ago that I packed up my home in Hong Kong and relocated to Australia with my 3 children. My husband stayed behind for his work and I forged ahead to make a new life in Melbourne. The plan was for him to follow us within a year or so, but that didn’t happen. Whilst I had physically packed up and said goodbye to Hong Kong, I had not truly unpacked my suitcases in Australia until recently. I had them ready and waiting as a backup… just in case. I realise now that this had held me back from truly embracing the opportunities that Australia had to offer.

Up until March 2020, I continued to fly monthly to Hong Kong to maintain my client base there. Whilst I was living in Australia, my life was very much still in the Northern hemisphere. Then covid hit our shores and I was forced to re-evaluate things.  I maintained things for the first year, relying solely on virtual sessions but I desperately missed the physical connection that I got from in-person sessions.

In the 2nd year of extended lockdowns in Melbourne, I made the decision to wind things down to a minimum until we came out the other end – which is where we are now. The ‘new normal’.  So here I am… I’m investing in myself and finally unpacking my bags. I set up my practice in Melbourne in March this year and am now working on a new branding. I am owning the fact that I do things differently to other therapists (& coaches). I am #redefiningtherapy and getting ready for an empowering 2023.

I am looking to support determined individuals who are not prepared to accept the status quo.  People who don’t just talk the talk, but actually are prepared to walk the talk. Ada Jonuse, Keren Allen, Fei-Fei Porter, Tory Archbold, Amy Tennent, Rachel Lang, Michelle Ho, Christina Li, Peggy Kern, Marnie LeFevre, Louise Edmonds, Nikola Andersson, Susan Lackner Lisa Fox do exactly this and I have learnt so much from each of them over the years. People who are prepared to put in the work to get the desired results. People who want to truly unpack their bags and get back to who they are at their core – to live a life that aligns with their values and works to their strengths.

#transitions #peoplematter #connections #positivepsychology #strengths #expatlife

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