Empowering individuals and teams to thrive through radical responsibility and authentic leadership.

We are Better Together. Stronger Together.

Human beings are wired for connection and authentic connection goes to the heart of what I do.

In alignment with my core offerings, I am an advocate for bringing people together to form collectives that drive authentic connection and positive change in families, communities and organisations.

A collective refers to a gathering of individuals who share, or are driven by, at least one shared concern or interest.

Our bond as empathic human beings is stronger together as we are accountable to ourselves and to each other as we collaborate and take action to accomplish a mutual goal. 

At the core of that goal is often a
desire for genuine connection, a stronger sense of belonging and to live a life of purpose.

The collectives we create are focused on real people, real conversations, real connections and real change.

There is power in the collective , as we know that whilst it is our journey alone - we cannot do it alone.

It is the passion of individuals coming together as a collective that drives social change and systemic change. 

Let’s start with the individuals and come together as the collective.

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, besides food, water, and safety, love and belonging are the most important needs we must fulfill. 

This includes our desire for interpersonal relationships, intimacy, to connect with others, and to be integrated into a group.

When these needs are met, our overall well-being improves, and we live a more fulfilled life.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.

Helen Keller

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Are you ready to become a part of the collective?

Our collective events are by ‘invitation only’ to ensure the integrity of the purpose is maintained.

Currently on offer are these collectives:

Real Women - Real Conversations

These gatherings are focused on bringing together women who are committed to leaning into conversations about “the elephant in the room”. 

Who are willing to choose courage over comfort to show up as their unapologetic authentic selves to embrace the sisterhood we are creating.

We embrace the unique qualities of the individuals as we come together as the collective to form genuine connections where the individual feels seen, heard and validated.  

Everybody has a story that matters, because they matter.

Real People - Real Organisations

An organisation is made up of a collective of individuals who each have their own values and beliefs.  Their own stories. 

In this world that is moving faster than ever, it is more important than ever that people feel seen, heard and validated. 

Courageous leadership, genuine connections, clear communication and a sense of belonging are key ingredients to real organisations.

Justine goes into organisations by invitation to create heart-led events and deliver powerful keynotes promoting courageous leadership, authentic connections and clear communication. 

These events are designed based on the needs of the community or organisation.

Please contact Justine Campbell directly if you would like to know more about the Collective.

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